2020/10/28 | Tin nội bộ

CONINCO's General Director gave a presentation at the Conference on solutions to connecting the development of construction science and technology - Vietnam Construction Association

"Proposing fields of construction science and technology that need to promote cooperation and new technologies in monitoring the quality of works" is the content of the Dr. Ha Minh - General Director of CONINCO presentation at the seminar "Solutions to connect the development of construction science and technology" between Vietnam Construction Association and universities, research institutes and enterprises. On october 28, 2020 at Headquarter of Vietnam Construction Association, the seminar was organized to gather the opinions of experts contribution to clarify the role of joint cooperation between science and technology units such as schools, students, enterprises and other Specialized associations to have solutions in developing science and technology activities.
Attending the seminar were Mr. Tran Ngoc Hung - President of Vietnam Construction Association, Prof. Dr. Pham Hong Giang - Chairman of Vietnam Large Dam and Water Resources Development Association cum Chairman of Conference's Scientific Council, Prof. Dang Viet Dung - Vice President of Vietnam Construction Association, Prof. Pham The Minh Vice Chairman of Vietnam Construction Association and General Secretary, Assoc. Tran Tung - Vice President of Association of Structure and Construction Technology of Vietnam, representatives of universities, research institutes, businesses and professional associations.

During the seminar, General Director Dr. Ha Minh clearly stated the role of science and technology for construction businesses: technology helps businesses better approach projects, design more appropriately, manage more effectively and apply technology to the industry. Construction is an urgent need for businesses that want to create a competitive advantage in a modern business environment. However, with the challenges that the industrial revolution 4.0 brings, such as: using BIM technology, 3D building model in design and planning from the implementation phase to put into use ... How to face construction consulting businesses? That is a big question for businesses in the process of technology integration.

Tổng Giám đốc TS. Hà Minh thuyết trình tại buổi hội thảo
General Director Dr. Ha Minh gave a presentation at the seminar

CONINCO is a leading construction consultancy company in Vietnam, clearly recognizing the great role of science and technology as well as the challenges of the industrial revolution 4.0 in the development of the construction industry in general and CONINCO in particular, Therefore, CONINCO always aims to develop extensive cooperation for integration, shortening the "technology" gap with advanced countries in order to create products in Vietnam to reach the international level.

As the industry becomes more digitized, the workforce needs more new skills, architects and construction engineers both need a comprehensive knowledge of the system and a broad understanding of relevant fields. (from design to construction, from structure to M&E, from engineering to economics), has to be proficient in technology applications. In addition, architects and engineers must not only have good technical expertise but also be able to express, present, and connect.

The consulting company's core value is its people. The quality of human resources is the foundation condition to maintain the competitiveness and performance of CONINCO. The cooperation between enterprises and schools, the investment in equipment, organizing technology transfer sessions, training on new technology for consulting engineers, and the coordination with specialized associations are always CONINCO. attaching special importance to engineers to update, master and apply new technologies in production and business activities.

Two typical projects in which CONINCO applied science and technology in supervision and design consultancy are F1 race project and CONINCO TOWER building. The F1 racing road project is implemented based on extremely strict technical requirements according to Grade 1 standards - the high quality standard of the International Automobile Federation (FIA), but also must fully meet. current Vietnamese standards. This is a project designed according to international standards, working with leading experts in technology in the world, consulting engineers and supervision beyond their professional ability also need to meet the requirements. according to international standards, the ability to communicate in foreign languages. With the accumulated capacity, experience and ability to adapt to new technologies through the Company's policies, CONINCO's consulting team has successfully completed the tasks required by the Investor and met the quality. as well as the progress of the project.

Dự án đường đua F1
F1 racing road project

The CONINCO TOWER Building project is characterized by a large glass block and continuous vertical ribbons showing continuous, rising and sustainable development. The overall facade is designed harmoniously and impressively, with open spaces, green trees combined with the construction surface using new technology to create a visually stunning aesthetic, environmentally friendly feeling. CONINCO TOWER is one of the energy-saving technology solution demonstrations under the technical assistance framework of the Energy Efficiency Improvement Project in commercial buildings and high-rise apartment buildings in Vietnam (EECB project) funded by the United Nations Development Program/Global Environment Facility (UNDP/GEF). CONINCO TOWER building is considered as a typical project among energy efficiency projects in Vietnam and won the first prize in the award "VECAS ADWARD 2020 project design quality".

Công trình Trụ sở CONINCO TOWER đạt giải Nhất giải thưởng VECAS AWARD 2020

From experience in supervising large-scale projects, special works and development trends of construction science and technology today, as well as reality in the design, construction, and supervision of CONINCO energy-saving buildings F1 race project and projects with major corporations and partners such as: Supreme People's Court Headquarters, MB Tower headquarters, 5-star Nikko Hai Phong hotel ... can find the necessary activities. promote cooperation and application of new technologies in construction quality monitoring in the coming years, including: advanced construction materials, construction automation, wireless surveillance and connection equipment, BIM.

Trụ sở Tòa án nhân dân tối cao
Headquarters of the Supreme People's Court
Trụ sở chính ngân hàng TMCP Quân đội MB Tower tại 63 Lê Văn Lương, Cầu Giấy, Hà Nội
MB TOWER Headquarters
Khách sạn 5 sao Nikko Hải Phòng
5-star hotel Nikko Hai Phong

Presentation of General Director Dr. Ha Minh received the attention of the guests attending the seminar. In addition, the seminar also listened to and discussed some of the following contents:
- The advantages of developing cooperation relations in construction science and technology presented by Assoc. Prof. Dr. Do Van Hua - Head of Science and Technology Department - Vietnam Construction Association
- Mechanism of association between units operating in Science and Technology by PhD. Presented by Nguyen Dai Minh - Director of Institute of Science and Technology - Ministry of Construction
- Mechanism of association for implementation of science and technology topics and projects by GS. Presentation by Vu Minh Cat - Water Resources University
- Activities of Vietnam Association for the Built Environment with scientific research and training in the field of built environment presented by Prof. Dr. Nguyen Huu Dung - Chairman of Vietnam Association of Construction Environment
- Connecting dam owners and businesses - Experience of the Big Dam Association led by GS. Nguyen Quoc Dung - Vietnam Association for Large Dams and Water Resources Development presents.

The workshop ended successfully. Hopefully, the results of the workshop will have positive contributions to providing solutions in developing science and technology activities. In Vietnam, digital transformation has begun to take place, connecting scientific research between the Vietnam Construction Association with universities, research institutes, and enterprises operating in the construction field is the right direction. bring many obvious effects to the business itself and the development of the construction industry as well as the development of the country.