Message of the Board of Management

General Director Phan Ngoc Cuong

With over 40 years of establishment and development, CONINCO is proud to be the leading consulting company in Vietnam. The CONINCO brand name is associated with thousands of projects spreading across Vietnam and Southeast Asia, creating the quality, sustainable, and lasting projects.

To achieve such accomplishments, each member of CONINCO always has our motto in mind: "Unity - Innovation - Professionalism - Dedication". CONINCO consists of people who dare to turn ideas into reality, and to lead national and international projects. Our standards are:

"Compliance is paramount
Only best quality is allowed
 Accuracy is priority precept
Corporate culture is basic background"

We understand that diversity is the key to the most sustainable success. This creates a CONINCO brand name which not many companies in the same field can offer clients, partners, investors and society.

With the ambition to lead and sustainable development strategies, CONINCO is constantly striving to create new breakthroughs in technology and apply management processes with highly-skilled personnel to express the cultural essence and intelligence of the Vietnamese people. In doing so successfully conquest values beyond all expectations, all country borders, and all time.

In the new era of free-trade and advanced technology, CONINCO is proud to always be among the first consultants to be chosen by large corporations and enterprises, in addition to being trusted to work with hundreds of international partners.

Our plans to accomplish higher goals will provide a vast opportunity for growth for CONINCO in the near future. With enthusiasm, non-stop efforts, strategic investments in scientific research and development, as well as, managing a team of nearly one thousand doctors, masters, architects, engineers and experts; We believe that CONINCO will soon become a role model for consulting companies, a link among global consultants, and a brand name competing with other remarkable companies in the region and in the world.

Board of Management