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Verification Consultant

  • Design verification is an important step in the process of implementing a construction investment project, contributing to ensuring the quality of the design project, overcoming the possible errors of the design consultant, saving investment costs and increasing the reliability of the design.

    Contents include:
    •  Considering the suitability of the design with the approved investment project or design explanation;
    •  Checking the application of standards and regulations;
    •  Assessing the conformity of major structural solutions;
    •  Assessing the safety level of the building bearing:
    •  Assessing the conformity with environment, fire prevention and fighting regulations;
    •  Assessing the rationality of selection of technological lines and technological equipment for works with technological requirements;
    •  Evaluating the conformity of the technical system with the design solutions for the construction part and other related parts.

a. Verification of total investment of the project

•  Checking the conformity of the total investment determination method with the characteristics, technical characteristics and technology requirements of the project;
•  Checking the adequacy, suitability with the market requirements of the cost items in the Total Investment;
•  Checking the feasibility of investment in construction works, risk factors, financial options and capital repayment plans..

b. Verification of construction cost estimates

•  Checking  the conformity of the main volume with respect to the design volume;
•  Checking the proper application of norms and unit prices;
•  Checking the proper application of the current regulations for the formulation of cost estimation.

c. Verification of settlement of construction and installation of works/ work items

•   Checking the compatibility between the volume of final settlement and the volume in the as-built drawings;
•   Unit price: Checking the conformity of the construction unit price with the construction contract;
•   Determining the settlement value of construction and installation of works/ work items.

d. Verification of cost norms for construction works

•   The compatibility of technical requirements, construction conditions and construction methods of each type of work requiring cost estimate norms;
•   Checking the adequacy of work components;
•   Checking the calculation method to determine the material consumption, labor and construction machine;
•   Formulating the normative details.