Project: Phu My Resettlement Area

Type of project: Civil projects
Investor: Duc Khai Joint Stock Company
Location: Phu My ward, No.07 Dist., Ho Chi Minh city
Service Description: Design documents review

- Total investment: 4,374 billion Vietnamese dong
- Total area: 50,026.3 m2; Construction area: 21,761 m2; construction density 30.4%; Floor are ratio: 6 times; Gross floor area exclude basement is 312,064,. m2; Basement area: 45.250,8 m2.
- Scale:
* The complex area of 6 blocks of high rise apartment building from 28 to 30 storeys and 2 basements (including: 5 block of high rise apartment building and 1 block of Commercial and service)
* Park area include a 1-storey work with construction floor area 3,389.8 m2 on total construction area is 3,389.8 m2, land-use factor is 0,1, construction density is 10%
* Khu đất sử dụng hỗn hợp gồm 4 khối nhà chung cư cao từ This is a complex of 4 blocks of 20-27-storey apartment building and 1 basement; Area is 21,570.4 m2; Construction area 7.460,6 m2; land-use factor 6 times; Gross floor area exclude basement is 137,232.5 m2; basement area is 17,737.4 m2.