Project: National Assembly House, New Ba Dinh Hall

Type of project: Civil projects
Investor: National Assembly House and New Ba Dinh Hall construction investment project management unit
Location: Ba Dinh Dist., Hanoi
Service Description: Construction and equipment installation supervision consultancy; Construction design review; Preparation of Invitation for Bids and Evaluation of Bidding documents

- Total investment: Over 6,000 billion Vietnamese dong
- Number of floors: 02 basements and 05 storeys
- Plan area: 102mx102m
- Building height: Approxiately 39m
- Gross floor area: 63,240 m2
In which:
Gross floor area of 05 storeys: 36,540 m2
Gross floor area of 02 basements: 26,700 m2
- Facilities: The National Assembly House consists of 575 meeting rooms with tables and chairs for delegates and 339 seats for guests. In addition, there are about 8,000 sets of tables, chairs, furniture for office and meeting rooms.