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Design Consultant

a. Regional construction planning;
b. Urban construction planning, including urban construction general and detailed planning;
c. Construction planning for rural population.
•    General planning design;
•    Detailed planning design;
•    Planning design for urban areas, residential areas, entertainment parks, industrial parks…;
•    Design of family houses, small garden… ;
•    Landscape design;
•    Architectural design;
•    Ground leveling design;
•    Design of technical infrastructure for electricity supply, water supply and drainage…;
•    And other works in the field of architectural planning.

1.    Explanation
a.    Investment necessity and objectives; construction site, land use requirements and other inputs.
b.    Description about the scale and area of construction works, the items of construction works including main works, auxiliary works and other works; analysis and selection on the technical, technological and capacity options.
c.    Implemented solutions include:

•    Site clearance and resettlement plans and technical infrastructure support plans, if any;
•    Architectural design options for works in urban areas and works with architectural requirements;
•    Plan for project exploitation and employment;
•    Implementation phases, implementation schedule and project management form.
d.    Environmental impact assessment, measures to prevent fire or explosion and the requirements of security, defense.
e.    Total investment of the project; ability to arrange capital, capital and ability to fund according to schedule; plan for repaying capital for projects that require capital recovery and analyzing the economic, financial and social efficiency of the project.

2.    Basic design
The basic design is carried out in the stage of formulation of the investment project on the basis of the selected design plan, ensuring that the main technical parameters are shown in conformity with the applicable regulations and standards, used as the basis for implementing the subsequent designing steps.
The contents of basic design consist of explanations and drawings.
The explanations of basic design include: 

•    Brief description of the construction site, design options; master plan of the project, or the route plan for the construction work by line; location and scale of construction items; the connection between the works of the project and the technical infrastructure of the area;
•    Technology and technological lines for works with technological requirements;
•    Architectural plans for works with architectural requirements;
•    The main structural plan, technical system, main technical infrastructure of the project;
•    The plan on environmental protection, fire prevention and fighting according to the provisions of law;
•    List of major applicable regulations and standards.
The drawings of basic design include:

•    The drawing of the master plan of works or drawings of plans of the project route for construction works by line;
•    Technology map, technological line drawing for works with technological requirements;
•    Drawings of architectural plans for works with architectural requirements;
•    Drawings of major structural designs, technical systems and main technical infrastructures of works, connection of technical infrastructure of the area.

Technical design is carried out on the basis of the basic design in the approved investment project for the construction of the work, ensuring the full technical specifications and materials used in conformity with the regulations and standards to be applied, as the basis for the implementation of the construction drawing design.

Construction drawing design is designed to fully demonstrate the technical parameters, materials and details in accordance with the applicable regulations and standards, ensuring the conditions for construction execution.