2019/09/17 | International cooperation


   In the morning of September 17, 2019, Consultant and Inspection Joint Stock Company of Construction Technology and Equipment (CONINCO.,JSC) had a meeting with DINVAI CONSTRUCCIONES Company (Cuba).

   Attending the meeting, on the side of DINVAI CONSTRUCCIONES Company there were Mr. Arq. Ariel Rueda Ortiz - Chairman of the Company and Mr. Rodobaldo Herrera González - Company Director, Welcoming the delegation, toward CONINCO, there were Mr. Le Thanh Minh - Deputy General Director and Ms. Dau Thi Thu Dan - Deputy Manager of Marketing and International Relations Department.

Mr. Le Thanh Minh - Deputy General Director of CONINCO (the third one from the right) welcomes DINVAI CONSTRUCCIONES leaders, Mr. Arq. Ariel Rueda Ortiz - Chairman of DINVAI CONSTRUCCIONES (the third one from the left) and Mr. Rodobaldo Herrera González - Director of DINVAI CONSTRUCCIONES (the second one from the right)

DINVAI CONSTRUCCIONES Company (under the Ministry of Construction of Cuba) is the only Cuban company operating in Vietnam. With nearly 20 years of working experience in Vietnam, the Company has participated in consulting and supervising many key infrastructure projects such as Ho Chi Minh and Truong Son Dong streets.

At the meeting, the two sides highlighted the special friendship between Vietnam and Cuba, especially, including the economic relations between the two countries. Mr. Arq. Ariel Rueda Ortiz highly appreciates CONINCO's capability and leading position through big projects that CONINCO has carried out. He expressed his desire to cooperate with CONINCO not only in Vietnam market but also in Cuba.

Respond to Mr. Arq. Ariel Rueda Ortiz's wishes, Deputy General Director Le Thanh Minh promised to do his best to support DINVAI CONSTRUCCIONES in Vietnam as well as with the company to closely cooperate in Cuba.

At the end of the meeting, Mr. Arq. Ariel Rueda Ortiz thanks the warm hospitality of CONINCO. The two sides hope that there will be new directions for cooperation between DINVAI CONSTRUCCIONES and CONINCO to be opened in the future.


DINVAI CONSTRUCCIONES SA, has over 20 years of experience specializing in infrastructure engineering development and providing technical services - expertise in the field of construction project management and the provision of a quality workforce, providing customers specific solutions according to their needs. The company has experience in construction of industrial buildings, ports, roads, bridges, railways, houses, tall buildings, medical facilities, hospitals, general clinics, sanatoriums, practical and research hospitals, specialty clinics, school buildings and others.