2016/02/24 | International cooperation

Students of Woosong University (Korean) participates in field study at CONINCO

In January 2016, with the purpose of providing students with new reality experiences, Consultant and Inspection Joint Stock Company of Construction Technology and Equipment – CONINCO cooperated with Woosong Unversity (Korea) to organize the field study for conveying knowledge and bringing students real experiences.

Established in 1945, with over a half century of knowledge and experience in the management field, Woosong Educational Foundation established Woosong University under the motto "Paving the Way to a Stronger and Brighter Future". Equipped with a spirit of ambition and challenge, Woosong University provides a gateway to knowledge and educational opportunities for future generations.

Dr. Ha Minh introduced CONINCO to students of Woosong University - Korea
Students was debating after watching introduction video about the railroad system in Vietnam
Dr. Ha Minh–Member of BoM, Deputy General Director of CONINCO

The field study ended successfully. Such trips and practical studies are not only effective, give the student group engineering as well as social knowledge, but also lead to Vietnam - Korea acculturation, becoming a bridge for future cooperation and development