2019/12/04 | Business activity

Project CONINCO TOWER - Speed up 30 days to finish

After nearly 2 years of commencement, the CONINCO TOWER project has completed more than 90% of the progress. Currently, the project is in the sprinting phase, speeding up the construction and acceptance of completed items to finish the work in early December 2019. This is a symbolic project, a hallmark of CONINCO's achievements during 40 years of establishment and development.

The representative of CONINCO TOWER PMU said that: Currently, the PMU focuses on following-up the construction site, closely monitoring each bidding package, urging construction units to mobilize all human resources, strengthen facilities and machines to complete all items. This is also a request from the Chairman of CONINCO - Mr. Nguyen Van Cong to the PMU and contractors, construction units, to urgently complete the construction schedule for preparation of the 40th Anniversary of the Establishment of the Company and the Grand opening of the Office.

CONINCO TOWER is a CONINCO's Headquarters Project at No.4 Ton That Tung, Dong Da, Hanoi. The Project is built on an area of 1814m2, the construction area is 1,076m2, the total construction floor area is 26,072.1m2 including 19 floors + 01 technical floor and attic+ 03 basements and 1 mezzanine basement. Up to now, the project has basically been completed, a number of items have been accepted and put into use such as fire protection system, entire ceiling, drywall, plastering work inside and outside the building, steel structure of hall roof and 20th-floor roof, construction work and technical systems basement, the exterior infrastructure of the building, elevator lobby on each floor, halls, mechanical and electrical systems, toilets and stairs floors, working rooms' furniture ...

Nội thất các phòng làm việc cơ bản hoàn thành có thể đưa vào sử dụng
The interior of the office is basically completed and can be put to use
Hành lang hội trường tầng 11 và hệ thống hội trường hoàn thiện đưa vào sử dụng
The Hall's lobby on the 11th floor and the hall system has been completed and put into use
Kĩ sư BQLDA và đại diện nhà thầu kiểm tra hệ thống máy phát điện và hướng dẫn cho công nhân vận hành
PMU's engineers and representative of Contractor inspects the generator system and guides the operators
Toàn cảnh mặt trước tòa nhà đang hoàn thiện
The whole front of the building is being completed

CONINCO TOWER is one of the typical projects using energy efficiency in Vietnam. The building is designed specifically with large glass blocks, the elevation with vertical and horizontal nanometers, and the green space landscape is designed in the traditional style of Vietnam and modern style of the world, expressing the idea of continuous development, the desire to rise, and rise forever through the rising shape of the building; construction technology of facades by the insulating cover, lowE glass, materials made in Vietnam and environmentally friendly, VRV air-conditioning with high-Coefficient of Performance, central heat recovery system, low lighting power density with energy-saving LED.

Once completed, CONINCO TOWER will be a Grade A office building with modern architectural space, in harmony with the overall landscape of the area, and will be an architectural highlight, contributing to creating one of the most beautiful intersections of Hanoi.