2017/08/14 | Business activity

Military Commercial Joint Stock Bank visits and works at CONINCO

On August 14th, 2017, Military Commercial Joint Stock Bank visited and worked at CONINCO.

Attending the meeting, there were Mr. Luu Trung Thai – Vice Chairman of BoM, General Director, Mr. Vu Thanh Trung – The Chief of CEO office, Ms. Nguyen Thi Mai Sao – Director of network and distribution.

Welcoming all guests, the delegation of CONINCO consisted of Dr. Ha Minh - General Director, Ms. Ho Thi Ha – Head of Economics and Planning Department, Dr. Nguyen Dac Phuong – Head of Marketing Department, Mr. Nguyen Tien Doat – Head of Administration Department, Ms. Do Thi Ngoc Chau - Deputy Head of Economics and Planning Department, Ms. Do Nhu Duc – Deputy Director of Center of International Cooperation and Consultancy.

At the meeting, The General Director of CONINCO shared CONINCO’s production activities as well as CONINCO’s achievement during 38 years of establishment and development. The General Director also stated that CONINCO and MBBANK has a close cooperation. CONINCO and NIHON SEKKEI (Japan) are now carrying out the general contractor of design for the Head office MB Grand Tower – the building is designed based on the standard of modern, professional, convenient and friendly office building. It is a mixture between the sophisticated architecture of Japan and the unique cultural character of Vietnam, which creates a beautiful, modern and suitable architecture space for planning and development of the capital.

A friendly and cheerful atmosphere was noticed during the whole meeting. Mr. Luu Trung Thai highly appreciated CONINCO’s achievemenDr. He expressed his hope that CONINCO and MBBANK will have more cooperation opportunities in the future.