2015/03/03 | International cooperation

Kawakin Core-Tech (Japan) visited and worked in CONINCO

On March 03rd, 2015, Kawakin Core-Tech (Japan) visited and worked in the headquarter of Construction and Inspection Joint Stock Company of Construction Technology and Equipment - CONINCO, according to the introduction of Ministry of Transport.

Attending the meeting, regarding CONINCO, there ware Mr. Nguyen Van Cong - General Director; Dr. Ha Minh, Mr. Nguyen Luong Binh - Deputy General Director; Managers of Technical control department, Research center of Science, Technology and Training CONINCO, Survey and Design center, Technology transferring for construction & environment center, structural engineers, architects; Regarding Kawakin, there were Mr. Shigeki Takahashi - Director of architectural equipment department, the business division Mr. Norio Kamei - Director of Representative office in Hanoi

Established in 2009 in Japan, Kawakin Core Tech is one of the best manufacturers and designers in seismic resistance, seismic reduction and seismic isolation. Japan is one of countriesimpacted most by earthquakes. Therefore, Japanese seismic resistance design is highly appreciated. Due to the creation of the balance between environment and quality in manufacturing process, Kawakin was certified with ISO 9001:2008. In 2010, Kawakin went to Vietnam and opened a Representative office in Hanoi. In 2013, Kawakin set up a factory in Hung Yen; however, their products are still not really popular in Vietnam..

The representative of Kawakin (on the right) presented gift to CONINCO
The representative of CONINCO (on the left) presented gift to Kawakin

At the meeting, Kawakin introduced their main products as well as domestic and international constructions, particularly in Vietnam, which Kawakin carried out. 

CONINCO also introduced the achievements over past years and consulted Kawakin about introducing their products in the Vietnamese market.

The meeting occurred in intimate atmosphere and promised the future mutual cooporation.

CONINCO took photo with Kawakin after the meeting