2020/12/17 | Internal news

The General Director of CONINCO participated in the review of the topic "Research, propose a design plan to build a field hospital model to prevent infectious diseases"

In recent years, the COVID-19 epidemic has strongly exploded globally and in Vietnam, greatly affecting the socio-economic development and the health and life of the people. Although Vietnam has agreed to drastically implement many synchronous measures, both preventing and limiting the spread of epidemics, while ensuring the implementation of socio-economic development tasks, ensuring social security. society; Initially obtained many positive results, however, the epidemic continues to progress complicatedly. Realizing the need in disease prevention, the science and technology task "Research and propose a design plan to build a field hospital model for prevention of infectious diseases" approved by the Minister of Construction 3 applications. Position: Vietnam Construction Consulting Corporation - Joint Stock Company (VNCC), National Institute of Architecture (VIAr), Institute of Construction Science and Technology (IBST) implemented. As a company that always contributes positively to the work of scientific research, compilation of standards and standards as well as has a wealth of experience in the field of construction consulting, Consultant and Inspection Joint Stock Company of Construction Technology and Equipment (CONINCO., JSC) represented by General Director. CONINCO Dr. Ha Minh was assigned as a reviewer for this topic.

At the meeting of the Council, the chairman of the topic introduced the research content, gave the illustration plans of specific Field Hospital design, suitable to the urgent context of the epidemic in terms of scale and nature. structure, organization of activities as well as specific plans on construction cost estimates; construction technical solutions; different forms of construction, new construction or renovation of existing works such as stadiums, gymnasiums, ... to meet the function requirements of the Ministry of Health.

Tổng Giám đốc CONINCO, TS. Hà Minh ủy viên phản biện đề tài
General Director of CONINCO, Dr. Ha Minh commissioner to review the topic

Review topic at the Council, General Director CONINCO Dr. Ha Minh commented: in the context of Covid -19 in the world still developing very complicatedly, the topic of building a field hospital is very necessary, it is applicable and brings high efficiency to the society. The General Director of CONINCO highly appreciated the authors group, after receiving the instructions, they basically completed the design project to build the field hospital in a short time.

However, giving some comments to the topic, TS. Ha Minh emphasized that the goal of building the field hospital is the fastest and most convenient, so the selection of the location, the plan of the power line and the total premises, architectural design, structure, technical system ... very important, design plans must be based on appropriate medical standards before being put into operation such as:

• HVAC system (Heating, ventilation, air conditioning): For respiratory diseases such as SARS epidemic or COVID-19 epidemic, requirements for the use of pressure forced ventilation acoustical combined air filtration system;

• On clean and self-cleaning standards: it is necessary to issue these standards and regulations early.

• Regarding zoning: there should be specific instructions on zoning patients, the resting place of health workers should be separate zones to minimize cross infection, from patients. Severe to mild sick, from sick people to doctors, nurses, staff, ... also need to issue regulations on traffic diversion.

• Regarding the regulations on locations and locations available to build field hospitals: It is necessary to define in advance the usable places: cultural houses, schools ... It is also necessary to soon issue standards and regulations for Field hospital for cases of natural disasters and epidemics (spread through other ways) in the current complicated climate change situation.

• Regarding wastewater treatment and medical waste treatment, patient's death: Additional regulations and instructions are required.

On the other hand, the field hospital is a place to receive, screen, give emergency care, isolate and treat infectious diseases, as well as a place to care for mild patients (accounting for 80% of the epidemic). Serious patients will be put in hospitals with modern specialized treatment equipment, so the maximum size of 1,000 beds is appropriate and will ensure that the logistics can be met.

Besides, Dr. Ha Minh also proposed a number of construction plans and specific solutions such as: in the immediate future, the plan "Utilizing and improving existing works" should be given, especially at the provincial level. The city and added a number of minimum criteria corresponding to the size of the number of hospital beds to choose the available facilities that can be utilized and transformed into a field hospital. These criteria will be the basis for localities to anticipate the works can be improved when necessary.

With the plan: "New construction on bare land", priority is applied at the central level because it takes time to produce modules, to reserve and be able to support localities when necessary.

Dr. Ha Minh also pointed out: The construction and installation of a field hospital for a period of 15 days to 30 days requires modules to be available. Therefore, it is recommended to consult the participating experienced manufacturers and builders to optimize the domestic module production capability. And important in any construction, fire protection systems (fire protection) must also be paid attention, the construction materials must ensure that the element does not ignite, does not generate toxic smoke ... essential requirements in hospital design.

This is a very necessary and urgent topic, Director General Dr. Ha Minh hopes that the topic will soon be approved to have specific standards and guidelines for localities to effectively coordinate and deploy if the epidemic breaks out.

Toàn cảnh buổi nghiệm thu đề tài
Overview of the topic acceptance session

At the acceptance session, the topic group also received comments from experts from University of Construction, Hanoi Architectural University.

As a precursor to a research institute, scientific research is always a top task, so CONINCO is always trusted by the Ministry of Construction to perform and participate in giving comments and criticism on scientific research projects. industry as well as researching and compiling applicable standards and standards in the construction industry. With the research project on building a field hospital, CONINCO hopes that the comments of the review council will help the authors to improve better and more fully so that the topic can be accepted at a higher level and issued to adding to the Vietnamese standard high practical standards and regulations during the construction of field hospitals, contributing to the good implementation of COVID-19 epidemic prevention in particular and health in general.