2019/03/07 | International cooperation

General Director of CONINCO gave a lecture at Saitama University (Japan)

   On March 7th, 2019, at the invitation of Saitama University (Japan), General Director of CONINCO - Dr. Ha Minh attended the International Conference at Saitama University and gave lectures at the school. Also on this business trip in Japan, Dr. Ha Minh was invited to attend the Ceremony to honor Professor Hiroshi Mutsuyoshi - Former Vice President of Saitama University - Former Director of Japan Prestressed Concrete Institute (JPCI), for his contributions to Saitama University, before retiring.

The conference on March 7, 2019 was held with the presence of international representatives from leading companies and universities in the field of construction in Australia, Japan and Vietnam, who were also students graduated at Saitama University. In particular, Dr. Ha Minh - General Director of CONINCO was invited to participate as an honorary guest, and was also one of the main speakers of the Conference at Saitama University. Dr. Ha Minh had more than 10 years of research and teaching at Saitama University before returning to work at CONINCO in 2009. Prof. Hiroshi Mutsuyoshi is a professor to guide Dr. Ha Minh in the process of being a PhD student at Saitama University.

The conference revolved around the topic of developing engineering technology application industry in this day and age, with four selected lectures from professors from Southern Queensland University from Australia, business leaders of Rockfield Technologies from Australia and CONINCO from Vietnam. With the presentation and teaching entitled "Development trend of construction industry in Vietnam in the context of Industrial Revolution 4.0", Dr. Ha Minh not only gave opinions from the perspective of training and research units, but also provided a part of practical viewpoint from the production and business operation of enterprises in general and of CONINCO in particular before a strong need for both technological research and development, and development of personnel training in the era of Industrial Revolution 4.0.

Dr. Ha Minh - General Director of CONINCO gave a presentation at the Conference (on the right side)
Dr. Ha Minh (on the left) presented gift to Prof. Hiroshi Mutsuyoshi

Attending the conference as an international guest, receiving high appreciation from colleagues and fellows from many parts of the world, CONINCO had made a strong impression and left an image as a professional and top-quality company in construction and research in Vietnam, contributing to bringing CONINCO brand name to international market.

As a long-term partner with Saitama University, this was also an opportunity for CONINCO to strengthen the long-term cooperation relationship with this leading Japanese university, serving the improvement of human resources for CONINCO in particular and Vietnam in general.

   On March 8th, 2019, a ceremony to honor Professor. Hiroshi Mutsuyoshi was held at Saitama City Hall. Attending the Honoring Ceremony, in addition to the presence of Japanese government officials, representatives of Japan's major construction corporations, leaders of Saitama University, representatives of colleagues, Japanese students of Professor Hiroshi Mutsuyoshi, there were also the representatives of international graduate students instructed by Professor: Dr. Ha Minh - General Director of CONINCO, Prof. Thiru Aravinthan and Dr. Allan C. Manalo from the University of Southern Queensland, Australia; Dr. Govinda Pandey - CEO of Rockfield Technologies Australia. The ceremony to honor the professor with nearly 40 years of work and dedication has left achievements and outstanding contributions to Saitama University. Prof. Hiroshi Mutsuyoshi was one of the pioneers who established the International Graduate Program on Civil Engineering and Environment, so far the program has attracted hundreds of international students. Professor has received many prestigious international awards for his research works from Japan Engineers Association, Japan Concrete Institute, Japan Prestressed Concrete Institute, American Engineers Association, American Concrete... In addition, Prof. Hiroshi Mutsuyoshi has also contributed to the scientific research in the field of construction in Vietnam. He was one of the founders of the joint master training program between Saitama University and the National University of Civil Engineering, the instructor of many generations of Vietnamese students at Saitama University, the member of advisory board of Vietnam Association of Structural Engineering and Construction Technology. He was awarded a medal for education by the Minister of Education and Training of Vietnam. Later, a solemn and cozy gala dinner was held at Urawa Washington Hotel and left a lot of emotion for all the guests of the Honoring Ceremony.

Some images at the Honoring Ceremony:

Delegates took photos
Prof. Hiroshi Mutsuyoshi introduced the scientific works of Dr. Ha Minh at Saitama City Hall
Dr. Ha Minh (on the right) took photo with Prof. Hiroshi Mutsuyoshi (in the middle) and Prof. Hiroki Yamaguchi - President of Saitama University (on the left)
Dr. Ha Minh took photo with Prof. Hiroshi Mutsuyoshi's family