2021/01/20 | CONINCO TOWER

GEF/UNDP team of experts working with CONINCO on the project of demonstrating technology of energy saving solutions of CONINCO TOWER building

On the morning of January 20, 2021, a delegation of GEF/UNDP experts came and worked at CONINCO to evaluate at the end of the term the results of the demonstration of energy-saving technology of the CONINCO TOWER building under the Efficiency Improvement project. Energy use in commercial buildings and high-rise apartment buildings in Vietnam (EECB).

Attending the meeting, on the side of the UNDP/GEF final evaluation mission, there were Mr. Dinesh Aggarwar - International expert, Ms. Dang Thi Ngoc DUng - National expert, Ms. Hoang Thi Kim Cuc - EECB Project Manager.

On the side of CONINCO, there was General Director Dr. Ha Minh, Deputy General Director Nguyen Huy Anh, General Director of Conimec Company Dr. Nguyen Dinh Dao, Director of Design Center 1 Tran Duc Tai, Deputy Head of Technical Management Ta Duc Hoang and representatives of Design Consultant and CONINCO TOWER Project Management Board.

The EECB project is funded by the Global Environment Fund (GEF) to the Ministry of Construction through the United Nations Development Program (UNDP), to be implemented in the period 2016 - 2020. The project has a long-term goal of cutting reducing the intensity of greenhouse gas emissions from the Construction sector in Vietnam and the direct goal is to improve energy use in commercial buildings and high-rise apartment buildings in Vietnam. Demonstration and scaling up of energy saving technology (energy saving) solutions in the construction industry is one of the three important components of the project.

Deploying the aforementioned component, from 2017 up to now, the EECB project has selected 18 demonstration projects, including 8 new construction projects, 10 renovation works to support and advise on solutions. Energy efficiency. And CONINCO TOWER is one of eight projects selected to participate in the component demonstrating technology, energy efficiency solutions in the construction industry. CONINCO TOWER project is characterized by large glass blocks, vertical surfaces with horizontal and vertical separators and applies the main energy saving solutions including: Optimize the shell, use lowE glass, wall hollow concrete insulation, high COP VRV air conditioning, central heat recovery system, low light power density with energy saving LEDs. CONINCO TOWER is also the earliest completed project and put into operation from October 2019. In 2020, CONINCO TOWER project won the first prize for Designing VECAS AWARD award and certified for energy efficiency in Green Building week.

CONINCO TOWER project won first prize for design prize of VECAS ADWARD 2020 and certified for energy efficiency building in Green Building Week 2020.

Speaking at the meeting, General Director Dr. Ha Minh would like to thank the GEF/UNDP expert delegation for supporting CONINCO in the project implementation process. After more than 1 year in operation, the users at the building can feel the project's effectiveness, which is a green, airy, environmentally friendly space, especially energy efficiency is shown immediately at energy consumption for 1 year. Being a leading consulting firm in Vietnam is also the person directly benefiting from the energy efficiency project, General Director Dr. Ha Minh shared that CONINCO would advise to spread more widely to investors to help form a generation of energy saving projects in Vietnam in the future.

Also during the meeting, the representative in the fields of design, electromechanical engineering, and supervision highly appreciated the implementation process and EECB project results brought to CONINCO TOWER from proposals and recommendations. Architectural design solutions, materials selection solutions, optimal electromechanical equipment to sharing implementation experience at demonstration projects and accompanying the design team, continuing to supervise throughout the stage: construction, test run, and operation sections to ensure that the project meets the design objectives. In addition, seminars and conferences have been held to increase awareness of energy efficiency in the works for stakeholders such as design consultants, construction supervision, management, and operation. and the users of the project ... At the same time, the CONINCO team of experts also shared problems in the implementation process and proposed a number of remedial options for the project to complete and achieve optimal efficiency in each task. submit.

The evaluation ended successfully, General Director Dr. Ha Minh hopes that the project's expert team will continue to implement other projects to promote the development of energy saving and green buildings. The GEF/UNDP expert delegation thanked CONINCO for accompanying the EECB project in the past, the expert team also hopes that, with the brand, reputation and success of the CONINCO TOWER project will continue to support the project. in the replication of models of energy saving projects in Vietnam in the future.