2020/03/11 | Business activity

CONINCO's Chairman of Board of Management takes a visit to check the progress of F1 Hanoi circuit construction site

On the morning of March 11, 2020, Chairman Nguyen Van Cong and CONINCO senior executives took a visit to check the progress of the F1 Hanoi circuit construction site - where the F1 Vietnam Grand Prix 2020 is expected to take place in April 2020.  Consultant and Inspection Joint Stock Company of Construction Technology and Equipment (CONINCO.,JSC) is the unit that carries out project management consultancy and supervision consultancy for this project. After nearly a year of construction, the F1 circuit in Hanoi has completed 100% of the main items and is in the process of installing the final details. 

On March 20, 2019, the F1 Hanoi circuit officially started the construction in Hanoi, with the tense speed of construction, the PIT Building Center, which is considered the heart of the newest circuit in Formula 1 was completed and is in the process of installing the final details.  The design is inspired by Hanoi's famous Imperial Citadel of Thang Long as well as the Pavilion of the Constellation of Literature – the symbol of Hanoi - representing this proud nation's long history and strong cultural legacy (with over 270m length including 4 floors).

In addition, the circuit track and other main items of F1 Hanoi circuit have also been completed. The project management and supervision team of CONINCO and the construction contractors are working quite effectively to ensure the construction progress and quality for F1 Hanoi circuit in order for the F1 Vietnam Grand Prix 2020 in Hanoi takes place as expected.

Chủ tịch HĐQT kiểm tra công trường và chụp ảnh với đoàn TVGS CONINCO tại dự án
The Chairman inspected the construction site and took pictures with CONINCO consultant team at the project

At the construction site, Chairman Nguyen Van Cong checked the construction items and urged the consultants to always focus on the work, follow the procedures, closely supervise to ensure the construction progress at the same time ensure the work quality and labor safety. 

   During more than 40 years of establishment, development, consulting in most national key projects in the fields of politics, defense, security, health, aviation as well as sports facilities such as My Dinh National Stadium, 5000 seat stadium in Quang Ninh province, etc., which contribute to promoting the CONINCO brand name. As a project management and construction supervision consultancy of F1 Hanoi circuit once again confirms the position of CONINCO in the field of a construction consultant. From the Government, Investors, to large corporations both in domestic and abroad have paced trust in CONINCO to carry out important projects. 

Đoàn lãnh đạo CONINCO tại công trường dự án trường đua F1 Hà Nội
CONINCO delegations at F1 Hanoi circuit

With the capacity, experience, and dedication, CONINCO always tries to focus on completing the work to bring the most perfect service to customers, bring the CONINCO brand toward sustainable development - assurance for the future.

Some pictures at F1 Hanoi circuit:

Tòa nhà Pit - trái tim của trường đua F1
PIT Building- the heart of F1 circuit
Khu vực khán đài đã được lắp ghế hoàn chỉnh
The completed grand stand area

The F1 Hanoi circuit which runs to 5607m in length and features 23 corners is a unique hybrid design, fusing a street circuit’s characteristics with a permanent track layout, the track is the first of its kind to be developed in partnership by Tilke Engineers and F1’s own Motorsports Division. In particular, the track has a straight section of up to 1.6 km (long straight) - the longest in the race in the world, where riders can reach a maximum speed of 335km / h.

F1 race track is built according to Grade 1 standard - the highest standard of Formula 1 racing competition - with very high and strict technical requirements, F1 Hanoi cirsuit is set to become one of the most challenging and exciting circuits in the sport.

Taking place from 3rd to 5th April 2020, the inaugural Formula 1 race in Vietnam will see the pinnacle of motorsport debut in the South East Asian country