2017/08/08 | Business activity

CONINCO signs a Cooperation Agreement with the Institute of Transport Science and Technology (ITST)

On August 8th, 2017, the signing ceremony of cooperation agreement between CONINCO and the Institute of Transport Science and Technology took place at the Headquarter of Consultant and Inspection Joint Stock Company of Construction Technology and Equipment – CONINCO.

The delegation of ITST was lead by Assoc Prof. Dr. Nguyen Xuan Khang – Director; Dr. Nguyen Quang Tuan, MSc. Nguyen Van Thanh – Deputy Director, Dr. Bui Ngoc Hung – Head of Science, Technology, Standard and International Cooperation Department; Dr. Dinh Van Tien – Head of Planning and Project Management Department, MSc. Dinh Van Tuan – Head of Organization – Administration Department, Mr. Tran Van Thanh – Chief of Accounting Finance Department, Dr. Nguyen Viet Khoa – Director of Institute of Bridge and Tunnel, MSc. Tran Viet Ha – Director of Institute of Building Material Specializing, MSc. Nguyen Thuy Hang - Director of Institute of Building Material Specializing, Dr. Nguyen Van Thinh – Director of Center of Construction Machinery and Experimental Engineering, MSc. Lam Huu Quang – Director of Laboratory of Key Road I, Mr. Huynh Thanh Binh – Deputy Director of Center of Geotechnical Science and Technology.          

Regarding CONINCO, there were Dr. Ha Minh - General Director, MSc. Le Ngoc Quang – Deputy General Director, MSc. Nguyen Luong Binh - Deputy General Director, Head of Technical Management Department, Mr. Le Thanh Minh - Deputy General Director, Dr. Nguyen Dac Phuong – Chief of Marketing Department, Ms. Ho Thi Ha – Head of Economics and Planning Department, Mr. Le Minh Hoang – Head of Human Resources Department, Ms. Nguyen Thi Hong Oanh – Chief of Procurement Department, Dr. Duong Trong Vinh – Director of Center of International Cooperation and Consultancy, Ms. Luong Thi Ngoc Huyen – Director of CONINCO Research Center of Science, Technology and Training, MSc. Nguyen Huy Quang – Director of Project Experiment and Inspection Center, MSc. Le Nguyen Giap – Director of Transfering for Technology and Environment.

Overview of the signing ceremony

At the signing ceremony, the two parties agreed to cooperate in the fields of system management, scientific research, building standards, codes and specification for transportation works, as well as cooperation in researching solutions, new technologies, materials to better serve the production fields of the transportation sector as well as other sectors; to strengthen the capacity of science and technology, training and development of human resources of the parties in design survey, inspection test, geology, production and manufacturing... and consultancy services.

Dr. Ha Minh – CONINCO’s General Director to deliver the ceremony speech

Delivering the speech at the signing ceremony, CONINCO’s General Director were very pleased to welcome the delegation of ITST to come visit and work at CONINCO. The General Director also shared the memories and expressed his gratitude for collaboration of Institute during the past time. At the same time, the General Director believed that the signing ceremony will create new motivation to promote more cooperation between the two parties, helping CONINCO and ITST move deeper into the domestic and international markets.

Assoc Prof. Dr. Nguyen Xuan Khang – ITST’s Director to deliver the speech at the ceremony


Sending sincere thanks to Dr. Ha Minh – CONINCO’s General Director and all the leaders as well as all CONINCO’s staffs for the warm welcome, Assoc Prof. Dr. Nguyen Xuan Khang – ITST ‘s Director confirmed again CONINCO was a big international consulting company, ITST would like to work with CONINCO to create a great strength achieve more success.


The leaders of CONINCO and ISTS to sign a cooperation agreement, present the souvenir gift and take pictures after the ceremony


The signing ceremony took place suscessfully, marking an important milestone in long-term cooperation progress between CONINCO and ITST. Hopefully, in the future, CONINCO and ITST will cooperate in the fields of human resources, scientific research, technology transfer and other consultancy services.