2011/03/11 | International cooperation

CONINCO signed the Memorandum with SEC (Japan)

CONINCO understands that elevator is the artery of apartments as well as buildings and the indispensable “vertical transportation structure” in the business life. Therefore, after searching and discussing, CONINCO and SEC agreed to sign a Memorandum to cooperate to train technicians of elevator maintenance in Japan and establish an elevator maintenance joint venture company in Vietnam on 03/10/2011 at the Head office of CONINCO at No. 4, Ton That Tung Street, Dong Da District, Ha Noi.

Attending the signing ceremony of Memorandum, from CONINCO, there were Chairman of Management Board and General Director - Mr. Nguyen Van Cong; 03 Deputy General Directors-Mr. Nguyen Dinh Dao, Mr. Ha Minh, Mr. Nguyen Luong Binh; Managers of Marketing, Economy and Planning Department, Director of T.ME and staff of T.3C; from SEC, there were Mr. Yasuyoshi Kaneyasu-Deputy Chairman of the company and representatives of the company.

Taking memorable photos

SEC is a Japanese company specialized in elevator maintenance and management founded in 1967 with the skilled and professional staffs. Elevator products made by SEC now attract a lot of customers. Today, SEC guarantees and periodically checks more than 30,000 elevators, and provides the network of warranty to140 places in Japanese territory.

CONINCO has been fostering and training staff’s professional ability on various fields in order to meet the increasing demand of customers and gradually confirm its trademark in the local and foreign markets.