2016/10/03 | Internal news

CONINCO organizes a birthday party for staffs whose birthdays are in October

In order to encourage the spirit as well as enhance solidarity of all staffs, on October 3, 2016, the Executive Committee of Trade Union of Consultant and Inspection of Technology Equipment and Construction - CONINCO celebrated the birthday for all employees having birthdays in October.

Attending the birthday party, there were the Board of Directors, the Executive Committee of the Trade Union and a large number of officers in the Company.

The birthday party took part in a cheerful, exciting and warm atmosphere that brought laughter to all the attendees.

At the party, the General Director wished the staffs having the birthday in October a good health, happiness and success and encouraged employees to maintain enthusiasm in their work, youth, give inspiration and creation to their colleagues.

Also at this party, the staff with birthday in October also sent a deep thanks to the Board of Directors, Executive Committee of the Trade Union to create conditions for employees to have meaningful moments together. 


The monthly birthday celebration is a regular activity of CONINCO, which is a spiritual gift that the company devotes to employees, thereby enhancing the solidarity to make CONINCO stronger and stronger development.