2016/12/05 | Internal news

CONINCO organizes a birthday party for the staffs whose birthdays are of November and December

With the attention and facilitation of the Union Branch and the Board of Directors, on December 5, 2016, CONINCO Trade Union of celebrates the birthday of members who were born in November and December. The celebration enriches the work of Trade Union, tighten the solidarity among unionists, and improves the spiritual life of staffs and employees in the whole company.

Attending the birthday party, therre were the Board of Directors, the Executive Committee of the Trade Union and a large number of officers of CONINCO.

The party to take place in a cheerful and warm atmosphere with the laughter and warmth of co-workers

Such celebration is an opportunity for employees in the company to meet and communicate with their management and colleagues. At the same time, it shows the sharing, motivation and interest of the leaders to all employees in the company. Thereby, it helps the staff to understand together and unify, to create strength in the work and developing the company.