2014/04/01 | International cooperation

CONINCO – Building a world-class brand

Throughout 35 years of development, with the philosophy of “Assurance for the future”, Consultant and Inspection Joint Stock Company of Construction Technology and Equipment - CONINCO has constantly improved the quality of construction consulting services provided by the Company.

In 2013, construction companies in general and construction consulting companies in particular suffered the adverse effect of the economy. However, this is also the purification stage of construction consultancy market. In that context, the entire company manages to rise with the operating philosophy “Honoring human resources; Respecting customers; Quality orientation; Enhancing the brand”. As a result, the company continues growing steadily, proactively; facing challenges and difficulties; and seizing every opportunity that the market economy brings. Thanks to the efforts of nearly 1,000 officers and employees, the company completed 114 percent of the target, further confirmed its brand and leading position in the field of construction consultancy in Vietnam.

One of the factors that brought success to CONINCO is the well-trained workforce with high-level education and profession and passion for the job. Human resources are always honored and considered the foundation for the sustainable development of the Company. In addition to the regular election of officers for doctoral and master training to improve profession in short and long term in developed countries such as Japan, the UK, France, Italy, South Korea, etc., the company continuously invites professors and senior experts from world-renowned universities and construction corporations to teach at CONINCO. Thereby, the level of staff knowledge is constantly updated. They grasp the most advanced technology and handling skill, thus organize work more scientifically and professionally.

Always devoting “Respect” for customers, CONINCO desires to provide consultancy services in a perfect way. Consultancy products always follow strict quality management processes, made by a team of dedicated staff who are devoted to their work and always strive to bring added value to its services and to meet customers’ expectations. 

An intangible but the most valuable asset of the company is its brand. This is what each staff of CONINCO adores to construct and develop. Building a world-class brand is not a thing that many Vietnamese domestic companies can do, particularly in the construction sector. Through outstanding international cooperation, CONINCO has step by step built its strong brand in the eyes of international friends. Until present, CONINCO can confidently go alongside with international brands in the field of consultancy to implement major projects of national importance such as the National Assembly House project, Headquarter of the Supreme People’s Procuracy project in cooperation with Nihon Sekkei Corporation (Japan); the Ministry of Foreign Affairs project in cooperation with Heerim Corporation (South Korea); small and medium urban development project in Vinh city in cooperation with AF Consult Switzerland Ltd (Switzerland) and Yooshin Engineering Corporation (South Korea); Ha Bac Fertilizer project in cooperation with SGS Corporation (Switzerland), etc. 

In the field of quality control, elevator operation and fire protection to ensure safety and improve the quality of people’s lives, CONINCO is a leader in the joint venture with renowned corporations from Japan. CONINCO has established a joint venture with SEC elevator JSC to bring elevator maintenance with leading technology in Japan. It has cooperated with Yamato Protec Group to provide in place fire-fighting equipment under the standards of Japan. International cooperation and consultancy have really become strong and competitive advantages of the company. Many construction corporations coming to Vietnam know about the brand of CONINCO.

Along the deep and sustainable direction of development, CONINCO will rise more strongly, bring satisfaction to partners and customers, and spread the philosophy “Assurance for the future” to regional and international markets.